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Explore how to help your child with Sensory Processing Disorder

Sensory Processing Disorder, Sensory Seekers, Sensory Avoiders

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    As the summer sun shines brightly and the days get longer, it’s the perfect time to explore sensory activities that can make the season both fun and engaging for children with sensory needs. Here are some fantastic sensory-friendly ideas to help you and your child make the most of the summer months. 1. Water Play… Read More »Sensory Activities for Summer
  • Sensory Diet Essentials
    In a world where our senses constantly interact with the environment, understanding and managing sensory processing is crucial for overall well-being. Whether you’re a parent, educator, therapist, or simply someone seeking to improve daily life, a well-structured sensory diet can be transformative. This blog will delve into the essentials of a sensory diet, offering valuable… Read More »Sensory Diet Essentials
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    Sensory processing is essential for children’s development, influencing how they interact with and understand their environment. We have eight sensory systems. This guide explores the different sensory systems and discusses how sensory challenges can impact daily life. Visual System The visual system allows children to perceive and interpret visual information from their surroundings, such as… Read More »A Guide to Understanding the Sensory Systems

Sensory Diet Cards – improve regulation and ability to handle sensory input.

Sid and the Kids is a story about kids with SPD who struggle with everyday challenges and how Sid comes along to help.

Bring awareness to SPD while rocking your sensory style. New T-shirts from Sensory Sid. 

We are loving the card set! Simple, easy to understand activities the kids enjoy. So great for grab and go, no prep sensory integration. Perfect for our sensory diet!


Such an awesome range of activities with so many different options! My kids really enjoyed using them and I keep them on hand for when they need a brain break from school.


This card set is great and easy to use in multiple settings such as clinics, schools, and in the home. It provides simple, fun and easy ways to get foundational sensory input and movement into kids with and without sensory needs. I love that it explains the purpose, and provides additional activity ideas as well. So engaging and fun!


I love these cards! I brought them to an outpatient pediatric clinic I am doing fieldwork at as an occupational therapy student. They are great visuals for kids to easily follow and they make components of a sensory diet fun, engaging and simple to understand for kiddos! I highly recommend!


This card set is an amazing tool and a fun game. My son loves the freedom of being able to choose a card to do a fun activity, and I love that it helps him with Sensory integration. We make a game out of it. The cards are easy for us both to understand and follow. It helps me remember the tools available and how to use them!


This card set is great. It’s full of a lot of great ideas that have been compiled and are easily accessible.


This was just what we needed to begin my son’s sensory diet at home, and my son is enjoying the activities that we can do together.


The cards are fabulous. So much so I ordered a 2nd set for my boy’s school.



Looking for sensory activities for your kid?