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  • Does Everyone Have Sensory Issues?

    I was recently asked, “do you think everyone has sensory issues?” My answer was ‘yes, probably!’ But of course, that’s not the full story.  Sensory processing is happening all the time We all process sensory input during the day, it’s how we interact with the world. We receive a sensory stimulus and we have a… Read More »Does Everyone Have Sensory Issues?

  • What Is Interoception?

    Only recently heard of interoception? You’re not alone. Most of us were taught about the 5 senses in school. We now know that there are more and interoception is an important one. It is, however, still shrouded in mystery for many people. Today we will talk about what interoception is, why it matters for those… Read More »What Is Interoception?

  • Resources for Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)

    There are many places to find resources for sensory processing disorder (SPD). If you suspect your child may be struggling with SPD you are probably looking for ways to help your child. Below we’ll dive into a few different areas where resources are available.  Start with your pediatrician  The first thing I’d recommend is to… Read More »Resources for Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)

  • Yoga and SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder)

    Have you ever thought about doing yoga with your child who has SPD (sensory processing disorder)? If you haven’t, this blog will explain why you should consider using yoga as part of your daily sensory diet. Yoga isn’t just helpful for getting stronger, or more flexible. It’s not only great for those who need to… Read More »Yoga and SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder)

  • Traveling With A Sensory Seeker

    Are you traveling with a sensory seeker this summer? Today we will talk about how to travel with a seeker to make sure you make the most out of your time away from home. We will give seeker strategies for travel time, stays, and activities out and about. First, let’s talk about how to get… Read More »Traveling With A Sensory Seeker

  • Top 5 Biggest Sensory Issues: And How to Help

    Top 5 biggest sensory issues…how do we only choose 5? Sensory processing issues are displayed in so many different ways, a list of 5 doesn’t even scratch the surface.  We have 8 different sensory systems that we receive and interpret information from daily, meaning there are almost endless combinations of how sensory processing can affect… Read More »Top 5 Biggest Sensory Issues: And How to Help

  • Does Sensory Processing Disorder Get Better?

    One of the first things you want to know when your child gets diagnosed with SPD is “will this get better?” Sensory processing disorder takes on many different presentations, but there are certain things we can expect to see as time progresses. Here is what to expect down the road for your child with SPD… Read More »Does Sensory Processing Disorder Get Better?

  • Who Does SPD Affect?

    We’ve talked a lot on this page about what sensory processing disorder (SPD) is (if you want to learn more about that click here). But who does SPD affect? You may have seen in Kara’s recent blog, that at this time there is no known ‘cause’ of SPD, but there are some populations that do… Read More »Who Does SPD Affect?

  • Should I Get A Pet For My Child With SPD?

    Lots of parents have asked “should I get a pet for my child with SPD?” I am always glad when this gets asked because there is a lot at stake here. Both the child and the pet in question need a lot of consideration. Here is what I wish everyone knew before taking on a… Read More »Should I Get A Pet For My Child With SPD?

  • Benefits Of Deep Breathing For Sensory Processing

    I’m sure all of us have paused to take a deep breath when we are stressed, overwhelmed, or upset. Deep breathing is a beneficial technique to help regain composure and control.   The benefits of deep breathing are plenty and can help us all. Today we’re going to discuss the benefits of teaching our sensory kids… Read More »Benefits Of Deep Breathing For Sensory Processing

  • What Causes Sensory Processing Disorder?

    One of the first questions a parent asks after hearing that their child may have SPD is “What causes sensory processing disorder?” Unfortunately, science doesn’t have a clear cause identified yet. There are, however, a lot of connections that have been drawn. Let’s back up for a quick second and talk about what SPD is… Read More »What Causes Sensory Processing Disorder?

  • My Kid Can’t Sit Still

    You notice your child struggling to sit still, having difficulties focusing and engaging with their school work, or just can’t sit at the dinner table. You’re wondering ‘why can’t my kid sit still?’ It may be because of vestibular seeking. Let’s take a look at what vestibular seeking is, but first, we need to understand… Read More »My Kid Can’t Sit Still

  • 10 Strategies For Oral Sensory Seeking

    Is your child always chewing on something? Kids who are always sticking something in their mouth, chewing their clothes and erasers, and licking the grocery cart may be oral sensory seeking. If you are tired of looking at worn out collars, duct taped coat corners and having a jolt of horror watching your child lick… Read More »10 Strategies For Oral Sensory Seeking

  • Why Won’t My Child Wear Clothes?

    Maybe your child prefers to be naked? Do they refuse socks and shoes? Won’t wear a coat even when it is cold? Perhaps they only have one shirt and pair of pants they consistently wear, and you’re wondering–what will you do when they outgrow it!? How we feel There are many ways issues with clothing… Read More »Why Won’t My Child Wear Clothes?

  • Sensory Diets for Adults

    Alright, we’ve talked a lot about doing a sensory diet with kids, but what about you? Do sensory diets for adults help? Parents of children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) often spot sensory “issues” that ring true for them or their spouse as well. It is not uncommon for adults to be completely unaware of… Read More »Sensory Diets for Adults

  • What are the signs of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)?

    There are many different signs or symptoms of sensory processing disorder (SPD). You, a family member, or a teacher may have picked up on certain behaviors and wonder if your child is having difficulties processing sensory input.  The signs of can sensory processing disorder vary greatly, as SPD affects everyone differently.  What is sensory processing… Read More »What are the signs of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)?

  • How To Make Doing A Sensory Diet A Habit

    Habits. It brings to mind making your bed, eating your vegetables or getting exercise. Habits aren’t just about doing what you should, they are about making it easier. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your Sensory Processing Disorder child do a sensory diet every day? Wouldn’t it make you just fall out of your chair… Read More »How To Make Doing A Sensory Diet A Habit

  • Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and Picky Eaters

    Food is a time where families and friends come together, talk about their days and celebrate life’s events. Children with sensory processing disorder (SPD) are often picky eaters which can change mealtime from a joyous occasion to a stressful event. In this blog, we’ll cover some sensory tips for picky eaters.  The sensory input of… Read More »Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and Picky Eaters

  • Halloween Tips, Tricks, and Treats

    Halloween is fast approaching and for many, this is a fun and exciting time. But for those with sensory processing difficulties (SPD) Halloween can present many challenges. Learning some Halloween tips will help your day go more smoothly.  Halloween costumes Some kids with SPD struggle with touch, which can cause difficulties with textures and materials.… Read More »Halloween Tips, Tricks, and Treats

  • How To Make Your Own Sensory Bin

    Maybe your Occupational Therapist (OT) told you about them or maybe you saw them on Pinterest, but we are going to go through everything you need to know on how to make your own sensory bin. Why sensory bins? Early play is definitely about sensory experiences. It is how children learn about their environment. Touching,… Read More »How To Make Your Own Sensory Bin

  • How is Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) Treated?

    When treating sensory processing disorder someone might say “It looks like you’re playing.” My response to them, “Perfect!” Treating sensory processing disorder (SPD) should be fun.  Children learn, grow, engage and process best when having fun, so treating sensory processing difficulties should be fun. Even though it may just look like play, appropriate targeted sensory… Read More »How is Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) Treated?

  • Sensory Strategies for Focused Learning

    Sensory strategies that can help your child learn?! Yes, please! Some kids have a very hard time focusing. This can be at home, school, or in groups. Whether or not your child has Sensory Processing Disorder, here are some great sensory strategies for focused learning. Set the stage for success First of all, doing a… Read More »Sensory Strategies for Focused Learning

  • Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) Terms and Definitions

    It can be overwhelming diving into a whole new world. As a parent with a child who has difficulties with sensory processing, you’re trying to learn everything you can in order to better understand and help them.  As you work your way through the websites, books, and blogs, most likely you have come across some… Read More »Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) Terms and Definitions

  • Food and Sensory Processing Disorder

    Getting a child to eat a well rounded diet can be difficult and if there is an additional sensory component, it can be down right challenging. A child with sensory processing disorder that struggles with food usually presents as a texture preference and/or avoidance. They may prefer or avoid sticky, crunchy, slimy, chewy, mealy, etc.… Read More »Food and Sensory Processing Disorder

  • 7 Sensory Diet Exercises Inspired by the Olympics

    Get inspired! The Summer Olympics are here and it’s a great opportunity to be inspired and get creative with your daily sensory diet exercises. Sports are a fantastic way to add sensory input into your child’s daily routine. The variety of events at the Olympic Games gives lots of opportunities to get creative with our… Read More »7 Sensory Diet Exercises Inspired by the Olympics

  • Clumsy or Sensory Processing Disorder?

    “Is my child clumsy or is it something more?” Parents often ask this because all children are learning how to use their bodies effectively and fall, bump and bruise. But some just seem to be more prone to accidents and crashes. If this is the case, I start looking for other signs of Sensory Processing… Read More »Clumsy or Sensory Processing Disorder?

  • Fireworks, Fun, and Sensory Meltdowns

    The Fourth of July is a time of fun, celebration, and FIREWORKS. But, for those with sensory processing disorder (SPD) or for parents of a child with SPD, it can be very distressing. A child with SPD may have difficulties processing sensory input. They may become overwhelmed with loud noises, crowds, surprises, unexpected touch, or… Read More »Fireworks, Fun, and Sensory Meltdowns

  • Auditory Processing for SPD—Making Meaning Out of Sound

    Auditory processing is more than making meaning out of sound. It is an important part of how we interact with the world. Hearing and responding to a car approach or someone calling can be essential to safety, not to mention peace in a household. Sensory processing for this system is not just using our ears.… Read More »Auditory Processing for SPD—Making Meaning Out of Sound

  • Best Sensory Diet Equipment

    I find that the most successful sensory diet is a simple sensory diet: one you can perform anywhere without fancy equipment. Simple sensory diets are more apt to be performed consistently, and consistency is key to improving sensory processing.  This is why I co-created Sensory Sid Activity Cards. We wanted to give families a tool… Read More »Best Sensory Diet Equipment

  • “That Stinks!” Smell and Sensory Processing Disorder

    If you have a smell sensitive child, you know the cringing feeling of trotting past the butcher section in the store. You have probably experienced your child plugging their nose with a scrunched up face while spouting a few less than desirable comments that always seem to come out right when someone walks past. The… Read More »“That Stinks!” Smell and Sensory Processing Disorder

  • Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) in Adults

    What happens when sensory processing disorder is left untreated in a child? Does that child grow out of their sensory seeking or avoiding behaviors? Are adults affected by SPD? How do sensory difficulties present for an adult? Can adults be treated for Sensory Processing  Disorder? Perhaps you know an adult who you suspect has sensory… Read More »Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) in Adults

  • A Sensory Processing Disorder Success Story

    As a therapist, sometimes we stumble in to success for Sensory Processing Disorder. What matters is, can you repeat it? Can you help parents and kids do it too? How about helping people you never even meet find that success in sensory processing as well? The problem It first came to my attention how much… Read More »A Sensory Processing Disorder Success Story

  • Sensory Processing Disorder Checklist

    Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) affects people differently. Some people can be seekers and some can be avoiders of input.  Because of this, you may notice opposite statements within the same category in the checklist below. For example, a seeker of tactile input and an avoider of tactile input will present differently though both are affected… Read More »Sensory Processing Disorder Checklist

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