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Sensory Sid Activity Cards
Sensory Sid Activity Cards
Sensory Sid Activity Cards
Sensory Sid Activity Cards

Sensory Sid Activity Cards

(5 customer reviews)


  • Enhance Sensory skills in 10 min/day – These sensory diet activity cards were expertly created by an occupational therapy team to guide families through the sensory diet process and make it fun! These cards provide the necessary physical and mental stimulation to aid your child’s growth and development in just 10 minutes a day.
  • Multi-Purpose Sensory Diet Cards – Sensory Sid Activity Cards are designed to be an essential tool for families, caregivers, therapists, clinicians, special educators, and school districts looking to improve sensory processing skills in children. With engaging illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions, our cards provide valuable guidance and make sensory activities fun for everyone involved.
  • Boost Sensory Skills with 44 Activity Cards – Our sensory diet activity cards feature 4 categories (vestibular, tactile, active and passive proprioception) to promote movement and regulate sensory input. Perfect for children with sensory processing disorder, ADHD, autism, and anyone looking to add more movement into their child’s daily routine.
  • Perfect for All Ages and Abilities – Whether your child has sensory processing disorder, ADHD, or just needs a little extra help with focus and attention, these therapy cards are perfect for all ages and abilities, making them an excellent addition to any home or school setting.
  • Durable & Informative Therapy Cards – Made with high-quality card stock and a glossy finish, these sturdy activity cards feature cute and fun robot illustrations. Each card is designed to provide valuable information about the purpose of the exercises and activities, ensuring your child’s engagement and understanding. With these cards, your child will have fun while learning and developing essential skills!



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How to improve your child’s sensory integration in just 10 minutes a day!

Do you know what your child needs to do to improve their sensory processing? Take the guesswork out and make sensory activities an easy and fun part of your child’s day. Sensory Sid Activity Cards are designed to improve regulation and ability to handle sensory input. 

Activities your child will be excited to do! Simple illustrations on the front of each card easily show your child what to do while the back gives you specific directions and additional activity ideas, including ways to make the activity easier or harder.

In just 10 minutes, your child can do a fun, well-rounded sensory diet. 

The activities included use common household items—no fancy therapy equipment needed!

If getting your child to do sensory activities is difficult, or if you just aren’t sure what you should be doing with your child to help them handle sensory input, Sensory Sid Activity Cards are designed just for you and your child.


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5 reviews for Sensory Sid Activity Cards

  1. Rachael S.

    This card set is great. It’s full of a lot of great ideas that have been compiled and are easily accessible.

  2. Andrea G. (verified owner)

    This card set is an amazing tool and a fun game. My son loves the freedom of being able to chose a card to do a fun activity, and I love that it helps him with Sensory integration. We make a game out of it. The cards are easy for us both to understand and follow. I helps me remember the tools available and how to use them!

  3. SiSi Davis

    I love these cards! I brought them to an outpatient pediatric clinic I am doing fieldwork at as an occupational therapy student. They are great visuals for kids to easily follow and they make components of a sensory diet fun, engaging and simple to understand for kiddos! I highly recommend!

  4. Angela

    Such an awesome range of activities with so many different options! My kids really enjoyed using them and I keep them on hand for when they need a brain break from school.

  5. Dalya

    This card set is great and easy to use in multiple settings such as clinics, schools, and in the home. It provides simple, fun and easy ways to get foundational sensory input and movement into kids with and without sensory needs. I love that it explains the purpose, and provides additional activity ideas as well. So engaging and fun!

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