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10 Ways To Improve Sensory Seeking and Sensory Avoiding Behavior

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10 Ways To Improve…Sensory Seeking and Sensory Avoiding Behavior. This printable PDF makes a great resource for the clinic, classroom, or home.

10 Sensory Ways To Help Your Child Stand in Line

Standing in line can be hard for all of us. This printable handout provides you with Ten sensory ways to help your child stand with you in line.

10 Ways to Improve Oral Seeking and Oral Avoiding Behavior

Many children that have SPD can have difficulties with oral seeking or avoiding, this can make mealtime very difficult. This printable handout provides you with 10 ways to help oral seekers and avoiders.

10 Ways to Improve Tactile Seeking and Avoiding Behavior

This printable handout provides you with 10 strategies to help improve tactile seeking and avoiding behavior.


Download our informational brochure, “What is Sensory Processing Disorder?”
Great to use in the clinic when introducing parents to SPD for the first time.

Other Online Resources

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“To help those who learn and think differently discover their potentials, take control, find community, and stay on positive paths along each stage of life’s journey.”

“To improve the lives of children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and their families by conducting research, educating caregivers, pediatric professionals, and educators, and empowering scientists throughout the world to study the diagnosis and treatment of SPD.”

“A place to seek support from other parents who are also struggling with their children. It’s a community to share with others what I have learned from my own two children who have special needs and have been diagnosed with multiple diagnosis including Sensory Processing Disorder.”

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“I help expand accepted foods for picky eaters, improve digestion and gut health, find the root causes of many symptoms, and ultimately help them feel their best so that they can do their best and be their best.”

“I have compiled an extensive list of Spanish-language resources that are readily available on the internet for pediatric therapists to use and provide to Spanish-speaking families. Most are in a ready-to-print PDF format and available in both English and Spanish making it easy for a non-Spanish-speaking practitioner to review the content of the handouts.”

“Framework designed to foster regulation and emotional control”

“Many autistic kids have sensory sensitivities that make it difficult to maintain an effective oral hygiene routine. These issues may also make visits to the dentist challenging.”

Looking for sensory activities for your kid?