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Sid and the Kids

Sid is starring in a book!

Sid and the Kids is a light-hearted story written by Sensory Sid co-creator Katie.

Sid comes along to help a group of kids who struggle with SPD.

While offering practical solutions, Sid and the kids have a lot of fun exploring sensory diets.

You and your child will both enjoy the playful storyline and illustrations.

Sid and the Kids
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I found this book a fun and easy read. I loved the rhymes- it made me stop and think of sensory processing and how this book wound benefit 2 of my grandkids.
This book also made me stop and think about kids with SPD and why they do the things they do- (I could actaually visualize scenerios in my mind). It gave me a better idea of how/why kids “close their eyes when the lights are too bright.”
This would be a great tool for teachers too, to help them be aware of why kids do what they do!
Great job Katie


This is a wonderful story and resource for kids and adults with very practical examples of sensory processing challenges and ways to deal with those challenges. It uses language that is very accessible and gives ideas that can be tried right away.
What a wonderful way to give words and pictures to what can be at times such a puzzle for kids, parents, families, educators, and friends/peers.
Thank you for creating this excellent book!


Such an amazing book! It’s a great read for children to feel understood. I’m going to give to parents as a tool & means to further discussions. Love it!


A Word from the Author

“I never thought that I would write a book, but here we are! 

Sometimes things come together in unexpected ways, and Sid and the Kids did just that. 

As I was writing Sid and the Kids I wanted it to be playful and fun. As the rhymes about SPD came together, the story continued to morph and I started thinking about how this would be a beneficial tool to help those with sensory processing disorder. 

I hope that kids with SPD can relate to this book and understand they are not alone. I hope this book can be a tool for families, giving words and real-life examples to help explain and understand something that is often confusing.

But most of all I hope it makes you smile. Writing Sid and the Kids and seeing it come to life from the ideas in my head into a fully illustrated book was so much fun, and I hope you enjoy it too!”

-Katie Bartlow, OT

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